Enhance your
online presence
with 360° spin
product photography

Businesses who have invested in 360° spin
are seeing up to 22% increase in conversions

Engage your customers
by creating an
immersive experience

78% of online shoppers want photographs
to bring products to life

Evolve with the
acceleration of
digital commerce

41% of businesses now see digital commerce
as a priority investment

Enhance your online
presence with 360-spin
product photography

Industrial products on an industrial scale

Content consistency…
is key to online

Use across all your marketing channels

41% of businesses
now see digital
commerce as
a priority investment

Covid-19…the digital accelerator!

See your own products come to life!

Send us 3 and
we’ll shoot them for free

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We come to you across the UK and Europe

…reducing logistical costs and environmental impact!

We understand that the logistics of sending products in large volumes can be costly and demanding, that’s why Compendium comes to you. We provide an on-site studio to save you time and money!

We always prioritise our clients’ safety and wellbeing on-site. In response to Covid-19, our team adheres to all recommended Government Covid-19 guidelines.

360° spin photography builds trust, confidence and an unrivalled ROI

Every angle covered

We provide you with 24 high-resolution 2D images for every product!

Every 360 spinset delivers 24 high-resolution images of your product from every angle. This wealth of digital assets can be used across all of your marketing channels, from webshops to promotional campaigns, social media to printed brochures. This one-time photoshoot enables you to have flawless imagery that can be used time and time again, not to mention, you own the copyright!

56% of B2B purchase decisions rely on alternative product views

Zoom in for every detail

Satisfy your customers’ curiosity with high definition, full screen zoom.

Create the in-store experience online, your customers want to be able to feel like they are holding your products in their hands, allowing them to study every small detail. Each one of our images is taken at the highest resolution, providing your customers with larger than life products. We deliver the best-in-class full screen zoom feature, ultimately improving your customer’s experience and decreasing returns and customer service calls.

75% of B2B consumers listed the quality of images as the most important feature when shopping online