What is 360º Spin photography?2020-09-14T13:10:42+01:00

360º spin photography is a web-friendly interactive product image, that users can click and drag, zoom in, and see the product from various angles and close-ups

What is a Spinset?2020-09-15T12:57:35+01:00

A spinset is the set of individual images that make up a 360’ spin.  The product is photographed while being rotated, creating a series of individual images.  The spinset is then loaded into a rich media viewer to make up the full animation that you see online.

How many images are in a Spinset?2020-09-14T13:11:02+01:00

The number of images in a spinset varies dependent on your needs.  We recommend a 360° spinset to have 24 images. While this is our general recommendation, we can make any alteration to the number of images based on your specific goals.

What is the unit cost per picture?2021-01-03T14:16:23+00:00

Inevitably, this is very dependent on the type of product and the postproduction required.  For a basic place and shoot product needing no postproduction, a 24 image Spinset can be as low as £10/product, less than £0.50/image!

What is the file format of a Spinset?2020-09-14T13:11:09+01:00

Spinsets can be exported in a variety of files, but typically they are exported as JPG files. JPG’s offer a smaller file size for faster loading without sacrificing the quality of the images on the web. If you anticipate using the images in print we would recommend having them delivered as TIFF files for maximum print quality. Our unique workflow software allows us to export in both of these file formats, along with many others.

How do I publish Spinsets on my website?2020-09-14T13:11:17+01:00

Spinsets are published on a website through an image viewer. Viewers can be hosted either externally or internally, depending upon your needs. For a further explanation of some of the different viewers on the market please contact us.

Does 360 Spin photography work on a mobile device?2020-09-14T13:11:25+01:00

Yes!  Spin photography is typically presented through an HTML5 viewer, which allows it to work on all smartphones and tablet devices.

Can I use individual images by themselves?2020-09-14T13:11:33+01:00

Yes, this is half the beauty of the 360º Spinset!  You can pull static images out of a Spinset and use them across any of your marketing channels, such as email campaigns, blogs, printed brochures.  Each image can be pulled in multiple formats, such as TIFF, PNG, or JPG.

What is the difference between 360º Spin and 3D photography?2020-09-14T13:24:24+01:00

360’ Spin Photography is when a product is shot all the way around the product on a single plane.  360° Spin photography gives a comprehensive view of a product all the way around.

3D photography is when a product is shot in the same way but on multiple planes.  3D spin photography allows you to show up and over a product, in addition to a comprehensive view around a product.   We recommend a 3D spinset should be photographed on 3 planes each containing 24 images creating a total spinset of 72 images

Who owns the photography?2020-09-14T13:11:48+01:00

You own the copyright!  Unlike many other image providers, we grant you full image copyright to use and distribute as you like.  We do however reserve the right (although we would always ask your permission) to use the images for our own training or marketing needs.

How many shots can you do a day?2020-09-14T12:56:52+01:00

As you can imagine, this is very dependent on the type of products being photographed, the styling, and postproduction required.  If we are able to place and shoot similar products, we can yield productivity of between 100-200 products/day on a single rig.  However,  if shooting products that need complex props and are different sizes and material finishes, productivity could reduce to 25-50 products/day on a single rig.  For this reason we spend a lot of time getting to know your products so we can batch them into groups, ensuring we provide you with the most cost and time-effective solution.

How much space do you need?2020-09-14T11:00:29+01:00

Ideally, each rig needs a 3m x 4m area.  If we are providing multiple rigs, they can be arranged in a number of different formats to minimise the space required.  In addition to the rigs, racking needs to be set up to hold the incoming and outgoing products, which is dependent on product size.

Can you use multpile rigs?2020-09-14T11:16:18+01:00

Yes!  We can use any number of rigs to suit your project.  If you need 1,000 products shot per day, we can make this happen.  Often using a combination of multiple rigs and additional shifts, dependent on available space and working hours.

Who prepares the products to be photographed?2020-09-14T11:57:58+01:00

We recommend your warehouse staff pick and prepare the products.  This includes taking the products out of their packaging and placing them on the shoot list racking.  After many years of experience, we have found this to be the most time-efficient way to reach the optimum output.

What type of postproduction can you provide?2020-09-14T11:32:46+01:00

We can supply any postproduction you require!  Whether background cutout, floating or drop shadows, reflections, colour changes, prop removal, or dust and scratch busting.  We can do it all, ensuring you only receive fully ready images to suit all your marketing needs!

Can you provide weights and measures of my products?2020-09-14T11:27:51+01:00

Yes!  We can provide automated weights and dimensions for all your products as part of the process.  The captured data can be automatically inputted into your product’s metadata.

Can I buy my own rig?2020-09-14T10:53:33+01:00

Yes!  We often find that customers want us to photograph their back catalogue, to break the back of the task, and then take over the photography of any new products.  We can manage this whole process for you and provide training and user manuals for your staff.

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