Where did it all begin?

We are a team of believers; we believe in your company, your products and how we can show them in their best light. We understand the importance of your company’s image, from the product image itself, to your overall brand image and what you stand for.
Nick, Compendium’s founder, spent decades working with some of the worlds most loved brands, helping to showcase themselves as the hero. Having sold his previous business, Nick launched Compendium, encompassing an obsession with premium quality and state of the art efficiency. Treating every product, regardless of its purpose, as a thing of beauty! You may laugh…but beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!
Our creative talent comes in the form of Sean, a seasoned photographer, with over 15 years experience working with 360 Spin. Drawing on his varied experience, from working across the globe, setting up studios for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, and photographing The Queen, no challenge is too daunting or situation too tough. In the early days, Sean pioneered many of the 360 Spin processes, finding new ways to style, prop and shoot every product imaginable.
Together, Nick and Sean have pooled their experiences and passions to create Compendium, with the simple desire to grow a business committed to providing an industry leading process, alongside a top quality customer service…and to have a bit of fun along the way!